Monthly Archives: August 2003

More from the road trip!

Since Chris is being a gull durn spoilsport and hiding our photos (claims it has to do with something about file size, but I know it’s just out of spite), I have stayed up late, late putting together our very own we-don’t-need-global-spin Road Trip Web Site. I don’t know how often we’ll be able to update it, and I figure the brilliant (read: stupid) Flagstaff photos are gone forever, but there are some Sedona snapshots right now…

The Journey Explain’d

Just to bring everyone up to speed:

Deana is moving to Michigan this week. She starts her new job as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology (yay!) at Grand Valley State University this fall.

Karen is helping Deana drive to Michigan by way of Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Cheyenne, mumble mumble Nebraska something, and Chicago. They have a pair of digital cameras and a laptop, so they’re armed and dangerous.

The Journey Starts

This will make sense to no one, but so far the drive to Michigan includes lots of lightning, elk warnings, alternate air conditioning (on then off) and the “Hey young ladies. Beautiful evening.” scary guy at Denny’s.

This is the desert, near Yuma:

And this is us, finally at the Fairfield Inn in Flagstaff:

Exciting stuff! We’ll keep you posted…

I moved the images to the server and reduced their file size. ~chris

More gay marriage ramblings…

My brother Carl wandered by and noted that he had listened to a bit of Rush Limbaugh Tuesday, for the sake of fun, and learned Rush was taking credit for the argument that marriage isn’t about affirming one’s love for another person, it’s about having children. Apparently others on the right side of the pool are making the same argument and Rush wants us to know he thought of it first.

I suggested that elderly couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry, by this token, and that single women should lose the right to marry as soon as they hit menopause. Carl told me to be quiet. Someone might hear me and run with the idea!

In a mood, I did some web searching and came up with this fun thing from a while ago by a heterosexual guy in Vermont. It actually is a fun thing, and it’s called Civil Unions Destroyed My Marriage.