I’m a Dean girl, myself…

My brother Carl sent me this neat test to determine which presidential candidate (who has declared candidacy) is my best match for election 2004. I was 100% with Dean, but only 19% with G.W. Bush. Go figure!

3 thoughts on “I’m a Dean girl, myself…

  1. I was 97% aligned with Dean, no surprise there. Kucinich came in second with 88%. Oddly enough, Al Sharpton came in fourth with 79%. Never would have seen that one coming.

    Oh, and 15% Dubya. That’s my answer to anyone who says “they’re the same person” in this race.


  2. Well, Jaime, here’s to being “down there” with those guys.

    Next you’ll be reading terrorist manifestos like “Walden”. :)

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