Corporateering: the Gangs of America

Two new books worthy of our attention.

A new book by Ted Nace that you can read online.

From the Gangs of America website:

Corporations are the dominant force in modern life, surpassing even church and state. The largest are richer than entire nations, and courts have given these entities more rights than people. To many Americans, corporate power seems out of control.

And another book by Jamie Court with a forward by Michael Moore.

From the Corporateering website:

Corporateer: v. to prioritize commerce over culture; n. one who prioritizes commerce over culture

This book offers empowering strategies for counter-corporateering so we can reclaim our private lives, our right to health and safety, and other personal liberties.

Remember, knowledge is power.

3 thoughts on “Corporateering: the Gangs of America

  1. The Counter-Corporateering Kit link on the website looks quite useful. I’ve known and done two or three of these but having them out there in writing for people who feel they have no recourse really is helpful in providing first steps toward feeling a sense of empowerment over the role of corporations in your life.

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