WikiBub To-Do

The work never ends, but these are the high-priority items I’d like to get to sooner rather than later.


  • Figure out those buttons. Will a keyboard encoder help or won’t it? Am I better off just hooking in a few raw buttons to the GPIO sockets?
  • Which buttons exactly? Can I come up with an interface that uses five or six buttons? Should I try to incorporate a little joystick thingy?
  • Oh, and that display. LCD looks like the default, unless E-Ink or ZBD come through.
  • Battery. Purchase that cradle and try to find a header to match the AC adapter. That sounds like the easiest for now.

Software (Manager)

  • Create an interface prototype for the Manager. Come up with a better name for it.
  • Create a command-line version of the Perl part which retrieves and reformats Wiki, Gutenberg, and Web content.
  • Come up with a good format for the e-books. The Open e-Book spec looks promising, assuming that an XML parser is worthwhile. Might be able to fudge it with Minimo anyway.

Software (Device)

  • Get the buildroot to compile on Mac OS X
  • Specifically, figure out how to patch scripts/mod/sumversion.c to use arpa/inet.h instead of netinet/in.h. It should be possible to update the macosx patches file to include it, but I’ll have to see how that works.

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