the new broom

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to teach your child to tell time.


KAREN and CHRIS are asleep in bed. They open their eyes to find the GEEKLET standing over them, sighing loudly to catch their attention.



Hi, sweetie. What time is it?


It’s 9:10.


OK, we’ll be up in a minute.


All right. I’ll come back and tell you when it’s 9:11.

…and yes, it’s occurred to us that he acts a lot like Sheldon Cooper. The difference is that Sheldon is an adult, and hopefully the Geeklet will grow out of this. Hopefully.

One thought on “the new broom

  1. Haha… He’s so funny. I can totally see that happening. Can’t wait to have one of those little ones to teach some amazing thing to and then see them throw it right back in my face when I least expect it.

    Good story. :)

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