Barefoot’s ATEV

Since I know y’all are just waiting breathlessly for updates on our new Electric ATV or ATEV from Barefoot Motors, here’s a recent article on Wired: Behold the Tesla of All-Terrain Vehicles.

Our vehicle is supposedly going to be ready in March. Y’all can start making travel plans to come test drive it; I’m starting the sign-up list now.

4 thoughts on “Barefoot’s ATEV

  1. I’m next on the electric Banshee. In the Barefoot video, why do the cows like it so much? Is it the quiet “moooOOOO” as it takes off?

  2. I’d say it’s rather the lack of the loud “PUTPUTPUTPUT” of the gas ATV. That electric ATV is seriously quieter than a cow fart.

    And, if the dairy is using methane to power itself, then it could actually run via cow farts.

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