Waterboarding, a first-person perspective

I have a love-hate thing with Christopher Hitchens (disagree with him on a lot, think he’s an amazing speaker, wouldn’t want to get into an argument with him because I’ve seen him dismantle people with little effort), but this Vanity Fair article in which he describes his experience being waterboarded is really compelling.

3 thoughts on “Waterboarding, a first-person perspective

  1. I just read this article a few hours ago. Like you, I have a strange relationship with Hitchens – I have always loved his writing, but I have been at odds with him since the runup to the war – and since then, he’s pissed me off several times – you know why, I’m sure.

    The other day I listened to a podcast in which he interviewed Jessica Mitford, who I adore (obviously this was some years ago). I enjoyed the interview immensely – she was so fascinating, and he was a great interviewer.

    The waterboarding article was very compelling. I admire him for taking it on – but I also wonder what motivated him. Again, he’s confusing, but always interesting. I hope he was sober ;-)

  2. I got to see him debate his brother, Peter Hitchens, here in Grand Rapids at a UU-type church. Peter is the younger, and although he made some good points, he couldn’t keep up with Chris and ended up sulking a good deal of the time. When the audience asked questions, it was clear that trying to argue against Christopher Hitchens was folly. But i loved hearing the two bombastic British accents going head to head and Luke was practically leaping in my belly the whole time.

    I found this link on fark.com, where lots of posters wondered if he would have done better had he been scotchboarded or ginboarded. Sigh.

  3. I’m fascinated by Hitchens as well. Of course I love him when I agree with him because he’s so convincing, but there are times when he just seems belligerent (weird how those are the times that I disagree with him).

    Anyway, read this piece in the magazine and can’t stop thinking about it. Just the thought of it is torture.

    I’m planning on getting beerboarded at happy hour though. Should be nice.

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