3 thoughts on “I have no idea what this means, but….

  1. BTW, it’s a play on the old car enthusiast dictum, “Drive it like you stole it!,” which made appearance recently in the movie promos for Talladega Nights and an ad campaign by Ford and Mazda.

  2. Thanks, Steve! That’s exactly what I was thinking–vestments in a Mazzerati, specifically. But the image gave me the giggles. I’m imagining Ms. Alcott there bookin’ it with her 24-shaft Compudobby tucked under the trunk lid. It’s just not going to happen. However, a loom like that would run near the price of a small car, and would brag that it could get you weaving fine yarns at top speeds.

    Coming this summer: The Rock in _2/20 Silk in 60 Seconds_.

    Mostly, it makes me laugh. I want a t-shirt with this image. Seriously. And my birthday is coming up. :)

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