Dinner with Barack

My aunt and uncle have recently had several opportunities to go to DC to speak with Senators and Congresspeople about the issue of asbestos. As a result, they’ve gotten a chance to meet many of the personalities we see in the news, including Barack Obama. Thus, I’ll let my uncle describe this video of Senator Barack Obama in his own words:

The video . . . provides a great sampling of Obama the man, consistent with the two personal interactions that [we] have had with him. In our judgment, he’s genuine, intelligent and exemplifies integrity. If you’ve been waiting for him to state the specifics of his plans, be sure to click on [this] link. . . which will take you to his campaign website, where you can read his policies and plans on various issues and offer your own ideas.

The idea was simple: invite some “regular folks” out to dinner, have a conversation, tape it and use it on the campaign website. But it’s more than that; Senator Obama is actually talking to these people. He could be sitting there pandering to the camera, but he’s actually paying attention to his dinner guests and having a conversation. And listening. It’s enough to give one hope in this jaded day and age.

One thought on “Dinner with Barack

  1. I’m finding myself more impressed by Obama each day. Even his most controversial, media-shocking pronouncements are surprisingly lucid. (Not surprising because of his record, but surprising compared to pretty much anyone else in politics today.)

    Reading (or in my case listening to) his books gave me a sense of his depth of character, but I’ve been most impressed by his competence at government. He’s just the nerd antidote we need. Here’s hoping the rest of the country sees it that way…

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