because I know you want to go

…to Poseidon!

Interior of Poseidon roomExterior of Poseidon room
Yup. I’m torn between “err, it’s kind of resort-y” and “Oh my Gosh,
it’s keen! We each get personal submarines! We can feed fish at our
room window by pushing a button on our control console! Each suite is
independently able to be lifted to the surface in case of emergency!”
Everything is exclamationy.

Because you know you want to.

4 thoughts on “because I know you want to go

  1. Of course I want to go. I wish I could afford it! I would stay in one of the underwater ones with Glen and there would be lots of seafood involved. And swimming. Is 40 feet low enough to require depressurization?

  2. I don’t know… ugh, the bends, how romantic. Look, honey, it’s got marble counters in the bathroom and the bubbles in my bloodstream are turning me into a human pretzel. Sexy.

  3. Hm. I seem to remember that rigid structures don’t require pressure changes, so I think it would be OK inside, and maybe even OK in your personal submarine thingy. Swimming is right out, though.

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