10 thoughts on “hybrid animals are so futuristic

  1. I invented a hybrid animal, a Whalraffe, a cross between a Gray Whale and a Giraffe, widely regarded as the 2 most dangerous animals in the Universe.

    I emailed science like 5 times to see if we can make the dream a reality, no word back.

  2. I’ll let you have a zony if I can have a cama. I know it would spit on me, but I’ll deal. And Ted, that graphic is hilarious.

  3. and do u actually plan to make this species or are you suggesting for scientists to try to create a new animal.?

  4. i personaly would love to have a leapon it’s my favourite animal sigh but it will never happen

  5. Cedgeow, YEh A cross between a Hedgehog and a Cow… he he he. ou’d get sharp milk GEDDIT!!!! I crack myself up somtimes!!!!!!

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