5 thoughts on “Who’s blog-famous? We’re blog-famous!

  1. Oh, lord. There will never be living with either of you now! The closest I’ve come is having some pieces read on a podcast that neither of you listen to. I’ve got to work more on being famous myself. Or maybe I just need my own blog. Then I can be sly. I’ll make you famous!

  2. I’m here because of your blog-fame. The description of your favourite moment, with the moon, made me tear up a bit. How perfect, given the moon/stars theme. I hope my upcoming wedding has something fantastic but unanticipated like that.

  3. Hi Christina! Glad you posted.That was the only moment at the wedding when I actually started to cry a bit. Deb, I don’t know if I have coat tails, but I can pull you on my sled!

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