the real cost of gasoline

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this study before, but I finally found a source I can cite.  Back in 1998, the International Center for Technology Assessment released a study called “The Real Price of Gasoline.”  It showed that if all the costs of gasoline (including subsidies and externalized costs) were included in the price at the pump, gas would actually cost between $5 and $15 a gallon.  (At the time, gas was $1 a gallon and we weren’t spending $100 billion per year in Iraq and Afghanistan.)  The full report is online (as a PDF), and I strongly recommend it to anyone.

One thought on “the real cost of gasoline

  1. And, further, though it might be a bit silly, what if we were to somehow quantify (and thus determine dollar values for) the inimitable conditions/forces necessary to create hydrocarbons–like the depths, pressure, rare geological stratification characteristics, prior biomass abundance, TIME, and amt. of solar power stored and represented? I think the price could soon reach that “priceless” stratum.

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