what kind of freak are you?

I’m working on a set of t-shirts for the Global Spin community (plus a secret project I’ll unveil later this month). I have a couple designs mocked up already and a decent place to make and sell them, and I’ve run into a bit of a snag.

There are too many kinds of freaks.

That’s ordinarily not a problem for us. We protect our freaks, no matter what kind. But I’m having trouble thinking of a complete list, let alone designs for them all, so I need your help. Where should I start? What kind of freak are you?

  • Transit Freak
  • Neat Freak
  • Sci-Fi Freak
  • Space Freak
  • Plant Freak
  • Super-Freak
  • Geek Freak
  • just plain Freak
  • other (specify)
  • some kinda freak, i’m not sure what
  • I’m not a freak, freak!

And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. Include as many categories as you think apply. For instance, I’m a Transit Freak, a Sci-Fi Freak, a Space Freak, a Science Freak, and a Geek Freak. Like they say: I’m not just the founder, I’m a client.

So let your freakness shine. What kind of freak are you, anyway?

UPDATE: Just to be clear, I’m looking for your complete list, not just the freakishness that isn’t on the list yet.  Be complete!

27 thoughts on “what kind of freak are you?

  1. To reiterate, in order of preference, I’m a:
    Transit Freak
    Space Freak
    Sci-Fi Freak
    Geek Freak
    Science Freak
    Mac Freak

  2. Culture freak
    Travel freak
    Language freak
    Candy freak
    Pop culture freak (is that an oxymoron?)

    Best I can do in a short timespan.

    C’est chic, la freak, freakout!

  3. OK, fixed the list spacing for now. Old posts will look wonky until I fix them, but this one won’t look so bad anymore.

  4. Also: Religion freak, Cheese freak, Kissing freak, Television freak, Auntie Mame freak, Pirate freak, Library freak, Bookstore freak, NASA freak, Blueberry freak…

  5. Book Freak
    Travel Freak
    Blog Freak
    Info Freak
    TV Freak
    Movie Freak
    Pop Culture Freak
    Knowledge Freak
    Sci-Fi Freak
    Water Freak
    Crispy Salty Freak
    Nerd Freak

    -Posted from a hotel room in Amsterdam

  6. Nice work, Deana and Jaime.  I’m already seeing some good ones to start with.  Everyone else:

    Come on, people! There have to be more than three visitors to this site. If not, maybe I should reconsider whether our freaks are worth protecting after all.

  7. For me, I’m going with (in no particular order)

    Freak of the week (not this week, maybe next week)
    Transit Freak
    Super Freak
    Sushi Freak

    there were a couple other good ones I had, but I’m too freaky to remember them just now

  8. Okay, okay. Let’s see…

    Super freak
    Transit freak
    Science Fiction freak
    Tea freak
    Birth freak
    Culture freak
    Pattern freak
    Religion freak
    Yellow curry freak
    Book freak
    Space freak
    Travel freak
    Pratchett freak
    Baby freak
    Yum cha freak

    and, of course,
    Fiber freak (any chance of my “Fiber freak” t-shirt being printed on handwoven alpaca silk surrounded by a field of shadow weave? Probably not. Hm.)

    It’s a start…

  9. Rats! Erin got to “horse freak” before I did.

    Horse Freak
    Animal Freak
    Vineyard Freak aka Viticultural Freak
    Wine Freak
    Plant Freak
    Beer Freak . . . mmmm . . . beer
    “I can go both ways” freak
    Food Freak
    Plant Freak
    Travel Freak
    Kerrigan Freak
    Outdoor Freak
    Organic Freak
    Wiccan Freak

    I am now a tired Freak.

  10. The list that would not end. I’m adding the ones I haven’t put in yet that I’m stealing from other people too.

    In addition:

    Cheese freak (yes, the omelettes got to me)
    Jeopardy freak (tried out Friday, woo!)
    Glen freak (oh yeah)
    Gaudi freak
    Maxfield Parrish freak
    Poppy freak (just the flowers, not the derivatives)
    Collage freak
    Space freak
    80s freak
    City freak
    Photography freak
    Frak freak
    Fashion magazine freak
    Indiana Jones freak
    Fine dining freak (odd concept, that)
    Sci Fi freak
    Feminist freak
    Agnostic freak
    Ocean freak
    Cetacean freak
    Diet Coke freak
    Coffee freak
    Geek freak
    Anthropology freak
    Sushi freak
    Udon freak
    San Chez freak
    Pilgrimage freak
    Santa Fe freak
    France freak
    Spinach freak
    Mushrooms freak
    Rat Pack freak
    Las Vegas freak
    Magical thinking freak
    Academic freak
    Cake freak
    Cookie freak
    Tea freak
    Satsuma freak
    Museum freak
    Internet freak

    Oooh, can you tell I’m over my jet lag finally? Also, I realize I already mentioned cheese. It deserves to be rementioned.

  11. I come late to the party (having not checked here for a bit), but here’s the top-o-my-head list for me.

    Bicycle Freak
    Tree Freak
    Creek Freak
    Clean Freak
    Sci-Fi Freak
    CheeseCAKE Freak
    Theater Freak
    Performance Freak
    Book Freak
    Geek Freak
    Mécanique Freak

  12. I am a spazz freak but there are also:
    grade freaks
    knit freaks (namely some grandmas)
    quilt freaks
    sleep freaks
    insomniac freaks
    bored freaks
    and candy freaks

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