Scientists Predict How to Detect a Fourth Dimension of Space

From PhysOrg:

Scientists at Duke and Rutgers universities have developed a mathematical framework they say will enable astronomers to test a new five-dimensional theory of gravity that competes with Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

I especially like that the test uses gravitational lensing, the same effect that was used to test the General Theory back in 1919.  This time the effect is subtle enough to require a gamma-ray observatory in orbit, which is expected to be launched in 2007.

One thought on “Scientists Predict How to Detect a Fourth Dimension of Space

  1. I’m all about the gamma-ray observatory. Hmm… does that give me time to get my degree in gravitational physics so I can visualize the first _four_ dimensions of gravity? (If I do that, will they let me go up in the observatory? I’ll name my next cat Gamma Ray. I’ll knit antimicassars for the strap-down chairs. C’mon!) Why, oh why, do I have trouble wrapping my imagination around this?

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