Podbop: podcasting the future

I just “posted”:http://labs.evdb.com/archives/2006/02/spotted_in_the_1.html about the new “Podbop”:http://podbop.org service, which uses EVDB data to help people discover new music. A snippet:

bq. Podbop’s mission is to prevent the “shoulda been there” syndrome. You know the story: a friend goes to a concert by a little-known band then tells you, “You gotta hear this!” You discover that they’re awesome, just in time to realize that they won’t visit your town for another year. If ever. “Shoulda been there.”

bq. Rewind a month and try it the Podbop way instead. You go to the Podbop site and find your city’s podcast. (San Diego, for instance) Podbop gives you a steady stream of MP3s for bands that are performing soon in your town. If you like one, follow the link to the Eventful page for details on the concert. Now you’ll be the one to tell your friend, “Gotta hear this band!”

Check it out for your town and see what you think.