spuds is quaking in his ski boots

Just had to share this snippet from today’s Borowitz Report:

Elsewhere, exposure to alcohol advertising may be a contributing factor to underage drinking, according to a new study published today in “Duh” magazine.

That’s exactly how I felt after reading about those findings. Of course, it will still take 20 years before the alcohol industry actually owns up to the problem.

5 thoughts on “spuds is quaking in his ski boots

  1. Um, hello, it’s not *wine* that teenagers are drinking. The picture should be of beer bottles rather than wine glasses.

    Also, I say we go European and get rid of the drinking restrictions. They don’t seem to have a big problem with drunk teenagers there . . .

    Just a thought.

  2. Oh, but the American Way is to both stigmatize and secretly allow the thing, which makes it both profitable and deniable. Everyone wins!

    But seriously, I agree with both of Deb’s points, with a caveat. I doubt that kids are being influenced by Sinskey ads, but I definitely think that advertising any controlled substance (including prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco) in any medium (and there are so many these days) should be banned first and foremost. Sending the “hey kids, cool adults drink heavily!” message and expecting a drink ban to work is naive.

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