i am internet famous

Not really, but my entry in the “Mashup Camp logo contest”:http://www.mashupcamp.com/index.cgi?PreviousLogoIdeas was chosen to be the official logo. Yay! (Not bad for half an hour’s work on the bus.)

4 thoughts on “i am internet famous

  1. Yep, I would have voted for your logo(s) as well. Simply the best. Now, can I have a t-shirt? And then can I mash up camp things in it? :)

  2. Mashup Camp is all about taking Web services (like Google Maps) and combining them with others (like craigslist) to make something new and compelling (like housingmaps.com). There are lots of possibilities, therefore lots of excitement.

    I’ll be on hand as a representative of one of those services (EVDB), and also as a guy who likes mashing things up.

    deb: It’s in San Jose, so feel free to come down for one of the parties. I bet you could talk someone into giving you a t-shirt. :)

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