autism quotient

I’m not sure what to do with it, but my “Autism Quotient”: is 29, apparently ranked “above average”.

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  1. Well, I’m a 9 but K is a 33. So, Chris, you and her can go rock in a room together and flap your hands. ;)

    Kind of an unfair test, though, as shy or introverted people will naturally score higher.

  2. So I scored a 29, but it got me to wondering about what other things could be said about people with the information gleaned in this questionnaire. I would make a lousy mathematician, yet I’m fascinated by numbers, birthdates, dates, strings of numbers (like license plates), etc. I’m terrified of social situations and new experiences but I make myself do them because I like that I did them afterwards. So do I register as autistic or just weird? It’s interesting…

  3. To no one’s great surprise, I scored a 10. Some of the questions puzzled me slightly, seeming to indicate that certain things I find completely, unthinkingly basic might actually be difficult to other people (like knowing when it’s your turn to speak on the phone). I think the extravert/introvert thing is definitely at play.

    The test might be presupposing that people who avoid social contact might get uncomfortably overstimulated by others and that this is WHY they avoid social contact. That would be a somewhat autistic response, but there could be other reasons that aren’t autistic.

  4. Mine is a 44, which would mean that I am very systematic in my approach to life. This makes maximum sense to me as my AS means that I cannot rely on just what I think is going on because my ability to read signals is impared, rather I must use logic to observe and deduce and then extrapolate the likelyhood of an event occuring because I don’t know just by looking at someone as I can’t read facial expressions or body language at all and don’t show much of them either. It would explain why I am so good at poker.

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