5 thoughts on “The Real King of England

  1. I love that he’s good-natured about it all. He’s an Earl, but he doesn’t let that (or the thought of being King) fluster him. Good on yer, Mike!

  2. I’m so glad he’s mellow about it, too, but really, don’t you have to be? It’s too surreal. Yes, I’m an earl, and I live in Australia and I could have been king but not really because if my line had continued someone(s) would have been knocked off because that’s what happened to royalty before the age of Civility, ahem. Seriously, it’s not too likely that Mike’s ancestry would have been what it is now–someone would have married someone different or would have been poisoned or locked up or something. But it’s such a fun story.

  3. Well, well, well, ….I have been wondering when something would be stated about such a thing as this. I had no clue it would be Mike Hastings. This man should be crowned King! Regardless of the outcome. King is King, as right is right! Not doing so would only placate this lie (meaning this present monarchy) further. Gorgious, Princess Diana died (*actually, we believe assassinated) for these crowned idiot’s greed to continue their status quo lifestyle off the people, so bloody Prince Charlie could marry a horse! I say make a fuss! Make him either accept or deny and abdicate his throne and pass it on to “his” rightful line! You might as well make a trashman King, if you don’t have the correct one sitting upon the throne. He has no right to ignore this. It is his “duty” to step up and face this, as a King! To this the people will pledge their troth! To the CROWN and to ENGLAND! He should have protection immediately and also, you, the people should demand this!

  4. It probably a good bet that if Michaels familyline had taken the throne then history would have run a radically different course. Its not inconcievable to think that England would still be Catholic, there would have been no union with Scotland, no British empire, no Australia as we know it today. Its also not inconceievable that a King of England could have married into the Spanish Royal Family and Catholicism could have held back the advances that define the modern era and its birth. Life would be totally different. More importantly its still possible that the political powerbrokers behind Edward IV would have had their influence over whoever rightfully took the throne. The rise of the Tudors might have been delayed or come about differently but powerful warlords with ambition tended to find away to the top. In that scenario presumably Michaels ancestors would have been killed or murdered and he wouldnt have been here today.

  5. You do have a point, Gary. I see what you are saying. What a difference! Maybe neither you, nor I would be here today to even make a comment.

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