taking web 2.0 up a notch

Brian Dear just posted a ginormous, well-thought-out post on “where Eventful and EVDB fit in the Web 2.0 universe”:http://blog.eventful.com/archives/2005/10/a_reponse_to_ti.html. It’s primarily a response to Tim O’Reilly’s post asking “What is Web 2.0″:http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/oreilly/tim/news/2005/09/30/what-is-web-20.html but it’s also leading up to the “Web 2.0 conference”:http://eventful.com/events/E0-001-000179267-5 this week.

I love how well we fit in this new ecosystem. I consider that a good sign, both about the Web 2.0 concept (it’s not just a buzzword) and about EVDB itself. Like I’ve said before, it’s really refreshing to work on something that’s both on the cutting edge and well-received by the general public.

UPDATE: Tim O’Reilly posted a nice response to Brian’s response:

bq. Brian Dear’s wonderful point by point analysis of how EVDB matches up with the points in my Web 2.0 meme map. I’d love to see more Web 2.0 companies giving this kind of feedback!