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Brazil is standing up to the man

From the Guardian:

_Brazil yesterday became the first country to “take a public stand”:,7369,1475965,00.html against the Bush administration’s massive Aids programme which is seen by many as seeking increasingly to press its anti-abortion, pro-abstinence sexual agenda on poorer countries._

In other words, they decided it wasn’t worth $40 million to make bad public health decisions. Go, Brazil!

forty-second streeeet!

A group called “vision42″: has proposed making the entire length of 42nd Street in New York City car-free. The existing street would become a pedestrian area with a light rail line down the center.

As the New York Times points out, “the idea is not new”:, but it seems like this time it may have a better chance of succeeding. The group is organized and thorough, and the city is hoping to improve its chances for the 2012 Olympics.

thumbs up, down, or out?

We saw the “Hitchhiker’s Guide movie”: over the weekend, as you might have guessed. I liked it a lot, and so did Karen. I can imagine we’ll watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

Of course, we also watched and liked “The Pirate Movie”: this weekend, so we’re probably not the most stable reviewers around. Read on if you’re also a silly sort.
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because i said so

In a depressingly unsuprising move, the State of Florida successfully sued to “prevent a pregnant 13-year-old ward of the state from having an abortion”: on the grounds that she’s too immature to make the decision. The irony of this would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sickening. Fortunately “Fafblog can be witty”: in ways that I can’t. For further discussion, see “Gibbon’s Decline & Fall”:, once thought to be science fiction.