Not All Sperm Created Equal

Obviously we are still living in the dark ages where AIDS is concerned. I mean, the FDA is all about statistics, right? So maybe they should check the current trends on AIDS infection? Here are just a few websites, some newer some older, that belie the FDA’s blatant prejudice: world overview/statistics, infection doubles in black population, women’s mortality from HIV.

Rant Warning!

I mean, this sends me into apoplectic fits. Where the hell did this come from? What is wrong with current screening processes? Are they having a problem with AIDS infection from AI (artificial insemination)? But no, this is not a rational decision, obviously. This is more from fear and homophobia and based on the current climate in this country. It is part of the backlash — and intended to create such headlines as “AIDS virus rate higher in gay men.” Um, no, people. This is a pandemic and this kind of misinformation and bad press is not helping . . . not by a long shot.

One thought on “Not All Sperm Created Equal

  1. Stupid stupid stupid. Over and over we are getting this message: gay people shouldn’t have babies. Disconnect the idea of “gay” and reproduction. Only straight people should have children. Only straight people should reproduce. Even if those straight people are abusers, or addicts, or have irresponsible sex lives. What the heck is wrong with the world, when a person’s sexual orientation is more important that his or her behavior? Jeez. It’s just not right to base policy on an agenda! Grr.

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