on polls and poles

I’m wary of posting links to anything pollish. Not that I have anything against polls, but they do tend to… what’s the word?… lie.

However, I’ve become mesmerized by the “Race 2004″:http://www.race2004.net/ poll summary site, mostly because it has pretty colors. Er, I mean it has a state-by-state breakdown of polling, with predictions of the election winner based on the electoral college, not the popular vote.

Watching the swing states shift from day to day underscores how tight this race really is, but looking at the “if the election were held today” numbers shows how a dramatic victory can be accomplished by shifting a few votes here, a few votes there…

If it gets too much for you, take your mind off it with some comedy: “You Forgot Poland”:http://www.youforgotpoland.com/. Fnord.