dungeons and dagrons

Oh, the geekiness. As stolen from “Boing Boing”:http://www.boingboing.net/ :

“Dungeon Majesty”:http://www.dungeonmajesty.com/indexer.html is a cable-access TV show in which four young women play Dungeons and Dragons — the show is intercut with Z-grade green-screen masks of them staging D&D fights in front of fakey caves or deep in spooky woods, and illustrated with flip-book animations fo D&D monsters drawn in pen on lined paper. This is really fantastic stuff — it’s got nerd pride to burn, and production values that make MST3K look slick.

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  1. (after watching the teaser) Oh, I see what you mean. The players are all nerd grrls, and their characters are very sex-say, in a disheveled and becostumed sort of way. Right. Carry on.

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