Monthly Archives: September 2004

Boxy Jewels

I’m such an artist wanna-be. I’m desperate to find something, anything, which would justify buying “these jewel cases”: Of all the times I needed a band!

Linkies: Carfree Cities

As a guy who spends 3 hours a day schlepping to work and back, I’m interested in anything that makes transit faster or more convenient. According to J.H. Crawford’s wonderful book “Carfree Cities”:, designing cities around people instead of cars doesn’t just reduce the time we spend getting from point A to point B, it improves quality of life.


Like the book, the site is a great mix of human-scale observations and engineering ideas. Crawford has a way of blending photos, designs, and description to make it compelling reading. Be sure to check out the photo tour of Venice at the very least.

forÍt des morts

If I were to be buried, “Capsula Mundi”: would be my choice of venue. Hopefully it will be commonplace in a hundred years.

Does this remind anyone else of the “Piggies”:

Linkies: Fafblog!

I’m reading “Fafblog!”: Are you reading Fafblog? No? Look closer. There! You were reading Fafblog all along.

“!/images/sticker-fafblog.png 80×15!”:

_[This is part of a new series showcasing the sidebar links. I know I'm repeating myself, but isn't it better than ranting about the elections? -Ed.]_

How to make your plants sing

I bet it was unrelenting brown thumbery and general frustration with the higher-level voodoo that is biochemistry that led these engineers to master their foliage in ways no horticulturist, nor the foliage itself, could have ever imagined. The hills really could be alive with the sound of music.