How to make your plants sing

I bet it was unrelenting brown thumbery and general frustration with the higher-level voodoo that is biochemistry that led these engineers to master their foliage in ways no horticulturist, nor the foliage itself, could have ever imagined. The hills really could be alive with the sound of music.

4 thoughts on “How to make your plants sing

  1. Anyone else thinking, “Wow, how very Japanese?”

    i also want to know what Deb thinks about this. Care to rock out in the vineyard?

  2. Yes, the whole idea of sonically-enhanced flowers being happier is very Japanese indeed.

    I love the fact that they set up a whole bamboo grove as speakers. Makes me think of the “Singing Tree’ project at UCSD, where a tree in the eucalyptus grove was rigged up to play music and speeches. It was rather disturbing to come across a tree babbling vehemently to itself. Probably not very good for the tree’s mental health in that case.

  3. dude, the cosmic vibes in the vineyard are so rock’n'roll don’t think we need to add more . . .

    however, trippy idea. leave it to the japanese . . .

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