Unexpected Knitting

Karen sent me this “article on Debbie New”:http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ArticleNews/TPPrint/LAC/20040529/KNIT29/Focus/, a woman who creates unusual artwork by knitting.

_When two of Debbie New’s grandchildren visited Upper Canada Village, a park depicting pioneer life just east of Cornwall, Ont., a lady in period costume spinning wool asked them, “Does your grandma knit?”_

_…Their grandmother knitted teacups, a lace coracle (a small seaworthy boat), a 20-by-12-by-7-foot labyrinth, a ‘cellular automaton’ shawl and — the latest project taking up space in Ms. New’s dining room in Waterloo, Ont. — a free-standing grandfather clock, which ticks._

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Knitting

  1. Does anyone know if the pattern for the knitted tea cups was ever published? If so, by who, when????


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