The true story behind The Terminal

The new Stephen Spielberg / Tom Hanks film “The Terminal”:, as strange as it may seem, is based on “an actual person”: living at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris.

8 thoughts on “The true story behind The Terminal

  1. A whole range of thoughts comes to mind. There is the idea of how many people are never heard of who fall through the bureaucratic cracks. There is the decency demonstrated by many mentally unstable people that is not shown by many of those who are soundly sane. There is the impression of how quickly life passes by, especially when our environment traps us in a routine. And there’s the universal wish for a refuge…. I want a refuge from the world myself, sometimes, particularly after reading a lot of current events news.

  2. I swear… only in France.

    The Special Interests groups (whom I normally just get mad at) wouldn’t stand for that. You’d have protests and political pressure from every side of the ailse, and rightly so.

    What a crazy place.

  3. So, he can officially leave the terminal now aparently; but he refuses to. Some buggers will do anything to get out of paying rent… bloody iranians ;)

  4. Wow, quite a tale. It’s quite a shame really. Perhaps the “weening” process will work. I agree that this type of story really says something about the world we live in.

  5. The Comment “only in France” is simply not true. As a teenager, I traveled to the Czech republic on a student visa. On return, I was detained and questioned extensively until my parents sent an immigration lawyer for me to straighten out the mess…’s not just in France.

  6. You either love the people or the system. This is a clear case of bureaucratic mania, one which reveals the capitalistic and selfish nature of a paperwork driven society, while at the same time bringing life to an entirely new perspective of persistance and genuine purpose to the common man. Our world is very quickly slipping into a George Orwell fantasy novel in which people trade humanity in for maniacal organization and structure; who among us will stand and decide that the human spirit is infinitly more worthy of existence than some crazed, Neo-Nazi world of black and white?

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