5 thoughts on “Our Robot Masters

  1. Um,
    D.E.A.N.A.: Device Engineered for Assassination and Nocturnal Analysis

    Wow, I do two very different things!

  2. Err…

    We are, evidently, K.A.R.E.N.: Kinetic Android Responsible for Exploration and Nullification, and B.E.N.: Being Engineered for Nullification.

    So, we are the nullifying duo. Do we cancel each other out?

  3. Karen, did you try the full name Benjamin?

    B.E.N.J.A.M.I.N.: Biomechanical Electronic Neohuman Justified for Accurate Mathematics and Intensive Nullification

    I like that he’s a neohuman. :-)

  4. J.A.I.M.E.:
    Intended for
    Mathematics and

    Journeying and exploring….two of my favorite things. Not quite sure how math got in there!

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