With you always

I know it’s just lack of sleep, but everything looks surreal to me today. For instance, this site with Jesus sketches. It almost makes sense, but then… a french horn?

I also find myself wondering if Jesus should be standing farther back from the welder, or if he scrubbed up before going into the operating room.


Oddest of all, the site doesn’t ask us to do anything with the sketches. Can’t buy them, not really supposed to glean anything in particular from them. Just, um, enjoy them, I guess. Right?

4 thoughts on “With you always

  1. Oh help. I don’t know what to do with these. The guitarist is scary, but Jesus loves him. I also like that he’s applauding the juggler. He seems puzzled by the bank teller, though, as though she’s counting wrong or something.

    In the picture with the executive, is that Jesus’s cup of coffee? Hard to tell.

    And if Jesus is with the dental assistant, shouldn’t he also be with the patient? And if so, would there be two Jesuses? The mind boggles…

  2. Ya know, if he’s gonna be with all those people, he might as well lend a hand instead of just standing there, hovering. How lazy can you get?

  3. I know, seriously. That’s what always confused me about this sort of thinking. I understand that people take comfort from having someone watch over them, but it can go too far sometimes.

    Reminds me of an old joke:

    A town is being evacuated due to flooding. A boat pulls up to a house, and finds a woman praying on her flooded front porch. The rescue workers ask her to leave with them, but she refuses, saying, “Jesus will save me.”

    Another boat pulls up to the house, and finds her praying on her flooded upstairs balcony. The rescue workers implore her to leave with them, but she refuses. “Jesus will save me.”

    A helicopter flies to the house, and finds her praying on her flooded roof. The rescue workers beg her to leave with them, telling her it’s her last chance. She still refuses. “Jesus will save me.”

    The woman drowns. Upon reaching Heaven, she asks Jesus what happened. “Lord, I had faith in you! Why didn’t you rescue me?”

    “Oh, come on,” Jesus replies. “What do you want? I sent two boats and a helicopter!”

    Ba-dum-bum. Here all week, be sure to tip your waitress.

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