Monthly Archives: January 2004

Educate Yourself!

Remember those 16mm educational films they used to show in class to teach you about periods and things? A site called the Prelinger Archives (thanks, Glen!) links to some you can download and watch with Quicktime or Real. Included in their list of the most downloaded are “Are You Popular?”, “As Boys Grow” (featuring a rather creepy coach), “Molly Grows Up,” and “A is for Atom.” People even post reviews!

I learned from “Molly” that when I’m on my period, I should only square dance in moderation. Very good to know.

With you always

I know it’s just lack of sleep, but everything looks surreal to me today. For instance, this site with Jesus sketches. It almost makes sense, but then… a french horn?

I also find myself wondering if Jesus should be standing farther back from the welder, or if he scrubbed up before going into the operating room.


Oddest of all, the site doesn’t ask us to do anything with the sketches. Can’t buy them, not really supposed to glean anything in particular from them. Just, um, enjoy them, I guess. Right?