Happy Meanie

A try at a first post, for me. I have now entered the blogosphere.

Fast Company‘s cover article for December is a good overview of what Wal-Mart is doing to our economy. It is more even-handed than many others very critical of WM, so perhaps more useful for discussion with frequent shoppers whom we all know.

“The Wal-Mart You Don’t Know”

Then there’s the PBS StoreWars report, which is more polarizing. And for a real exposure of the oxymoron “Wal-Mart ethics,” try here.

One thought on “Happy Meanie

  1. It’s funny… this post ended up sparking lots of off-line conversation, but no comments. :)

    Karen ended up sending the Fast Company article to her mom, who shops at Wal-Mart whenever possible. Hopefully it will explain some of why we’re so careful about where we shop and where things are made. It’s not an anti-China vendetta; we just don’t like the ease with which American companies choose the lowest bidder no matter what kind of human rights violations might be involved.

    Thought-provoking stuff. Thanks, Steve!

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