Fur Pete’s Sake!

I’m angry! Remember back in the early 90s when everyone was against using real fur in fashion and used faux fur and it was cool? And then there was a backlash in the mid-90s (which resulted in part in me having a letter published in the mag in response to Vogue’s stupid editor, Anna Wintour’s comment that she didn’t understand how meat-eaters could be anti-fur)…. Well, now things are going about how you’d expect, with an increasing demand for the fur of endangered species. And this is not good. Angry angry angry angry! STUPID people!!!!

One thought on “Fur Pete’s Sake!

  1. That is angry-making in the extreme!

    Not to go on a rant, but this is exactly the problem I have with doing things for the sake of fashion. Too, too often in the past decade I’ve seen good ideas (like “don’t kill off endangered species” or “drive more efficient cars”) turned into trends, then fads, then discarded like they were last season’s distressed jeans. The new backlash fashion (“kill only the most exotic animals” or “drive the least efficient cars available”) comes in with just as much popularity and fanfare, with only feeble protests from those who should know better.

    There’s no thought involved in the process; any idea, no matter what its merit, is evaluated solely based on what some arbitrary group of the “fashion-conscious” says is in style. Then the rest of the sheep make any excuse they need (“we eat meat, why not use fur?” or “we need the extra space for our stuff”) in order to make themselves feel better about letting advertisements make their decisions for them.

    OK, enough ranting. Back to doing things that make me feel good…

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