One thought on “Seek Shelter!

  1. I’m glad it’s getting consideration, but I doubt that “under God” will be taken out of the pledge any time soon, unfortunately. Its proponents have very short-term memories, so they’re likely to keep at the “it was always there, why change it now” argument.

    For instance:
    “McClellan would not say definitely whether the White House would press its position before the court but previewed what it would argue if it did. “Keep in mind,” he said, “that you have a Declaration of Independence that refers to God or the creator four different times. You have sessions of Congress each day that begin with prayer and, of course, if you look on our own currency, it says “In God We Trust.’” ”

    Of course, the money thing was added in the 20th century, just as “under God” was added in 1954. The congressional prayers are a different issue, but I would wager that they fall under the same problematic area.

    Who knows, though. Perhaps the Supreme Court will see the light and note that “Liberty” is also printed on that currency, and mentioned in that pledge.

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