Discouraging Pedophilia?

Can’t make my mind up about this web site, Perverted Justice. There was an article about it on Salon.com (but it’s premium, so the link wouldn’t work here), and it’s basically a site where vigilante types go to chatrooms and pose as underage boys and girls. When they’re approached, they try to get as much information about the would-be pedophile that they can, then reveal their identities and post the whole session on this site. They’re not cops, but they hope to discourage this kind of trolling for kids on the internet. I don’t know whether it works – apparently people find would-be pedophiles on this site and harrass them, too. It’s an interesting approach, I suppose.

3 thoughts on “Discouraging Pedophilia?

  1. I suppose I shouldn’t comment on my own post, but now that I’ve had more time to look at them, the transcripts for these “busts” are simultaneously horrifying and kind of amusing. The adults posing as kids write in their own reactions to what these wanna-be pedophiles write (sort of a running commentary next to the transcript), and some of it is funny, in a get-those-bastards kind of way. This is definitely strange stuff.

  2. Kerrigan spent like three hours browsing the site last night, obviously fascinated. I could occasionally hear cries of, “oh, sick” or “eeewww.”

  3. the pj site is very biased. I used to be a avid follower of that site and it’s forums… I even posted a bunch of captured chats I had with the perverts, helping in the followup process.

    I know that they scout out potential “busts”. I set up a false screen name and when into some local regional chat rooms where i recognized some of their screen names that they use for busting people. They initiated a chat with me… not just initiated but started by saying things like, “my parent’s aren’t home”, “I’m a virgin and very curious”, “my daddy doesn’t live with me”, “I’ve seen my mommy and her boyrfriend do it”.

    When I confronted them with this information, they banned me from the forums. A day later, me and a friend signed in and checked out the forums… in the General Discussion section, they were talking about this former contributor that tried to set them up. They even had plans to hack my account and post personal information of me all over chat rooms.

    This site is so fucking corrupt… if you don’t bow down and take it in the poopshoot for them, then you’re against them and they will treat you like one of their perv busts. Warning: STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!!!

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