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We’ve known from the beginning that the PATRIOT act was bad news. Luckily, we’re not alone. Apparently cities around the country are calling on law enforcement to resist the PATRIOT act by refusing to cooperate with activities it authorizes that would otherwise be unlawful.

Eh, Steve!

If you’ve wondered how it is that Homestar Runner gets produced (and paid for), Wired News has just the interview for you. I’m glad that the Brothers Chaps are able to fund the whole thing themselves; it looks like they have the right attitude toward it.

Thanks to Deana for the heads-up.

90 light years is so close

By now you may have heard of the discovery of a new planetary system that looks a whole lot like our own. It’s 90 light years away, but as a wise man once said, “that’s peanuts to space.” Seriously, 90 light years is the kind of distance we’ll be able to travel in a few months (relative) once we get the basics of interstellar flight taken care of.

Even better, seeing a solar system like our own so close to home makes it even more likely that we’ll find one with Earth-like life sometime fairly soon. That’s why I like reading this:

ESA is leading the way with its Darwin mission to analyse the atmospheric composition of Earth-like planets. This flotilla of six space telescopes will launch in around 2014.

How very 21st century!

Fun stuff!

I’ve been reading a lot about carbon nanotubes lately. (Specifically, I’m reading The Space Elevator, which is fascinating despite the sketchy writing style.) There seems to be no end to great uses for them, including bulletproof T-shirt fabric. And to think, we didn’t even know they existed until a decade ago. Go nanotubes!

UPDATE: Deb noticed that I had the wrong link. It’s been corrected.

The Cost of War

Deana writes:

Check out “Cost of War
Oooh, dang. This is dramatic.

I agree. Counters really do make the point sometimes, so a war cost counter can really hit home. Be sure to see how many additional schoolteachers we could have hired instead. It’s quite a thing to see.