Fun stuff!

I’ve been reading a lot about carbon nanotubes lately. (Specifically, I’m reading The Space Elevator, which is fascinating despite the sketchy writing style.) There seems to be no end to great uses for them, including bulletproof T-shirt fabric. And to think, we didn’t even know they existed until a decade ago. Go nanotubes!

UPDATE: Deb noticed that I had the wrong link. It’s been corrected.

2 thoughts on “Fun stuff!

  1. I’m interested in bulletproof t-shırts. Firstly I would lıke to learn It’s your pruduct or none. If possıble, could you send us any informatıon about this with pruduct prıce and spelızatıons.

    I would lıke to work wıth you, If your prıce suıt me.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think the t-shirt fabric is being produced yet. In fact, the nanotube threads it requires aren’t likely to be in mass production for a while. The article described a new technique being developed at universities in Texas and Ireland.


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