Awwwww, geek out!

I can’t wait for the extended version of The Two Towers to come out! December 17… that’s too late for my birthday, but not too late for a Yule present!

So let’s see… if FotR is 3 and a half hours, and TTT is 3 hours 45 minutes… who’s up for the 12-hour Extended Marathon at my house in 2005?

2 thoughts on “Awwwww, geek out!

  1. Buy it for me too! Me too!

    I’m there, front row, 2005 Marathon. Do we get to dress up as our favorite characters?


  2. Absolutely! I’d recommend against a Gollum or Orc costume, though, because that can’t be comfortable for 12 hours. :)

    I’ll probably be a hobbit. A Gandalf hat wouldn’t endear me to those sitting behind me. ;)

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