2 thoughts on “Separation of church and state

  1. There is no such thing. The first ammendment states that the government can’t pass laws promoting any given religion. That doesn’t mean prayer can’t be said. The founding fathers never intended for this to be a God-less country. Don’t believe me? Read any of their writings. They fled england so they could practice religion. They would turn in their graves if they saw the country now is heading towards BANNING religion.

  2. Since the article was about the federal government trying to provide money to specific religious groups (which seems like “promotion” to me), I think my point stands.

    Aside from that, it’s pretty laughable to state that “the country now is heading towards BANNING religion,” since there is not a single piece of legislation or sentiment even hinting at restrictions on individual or group religious practice of any kind. Perhaps you’re confusing that with the compulsory recitation of “under God” and other statements which are now under fire for promoting specific religions.

    (Oh, and the “founding fathers” argument? Don’t bother. I saw that cable TV show as well. Read a book.)

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