One thought on “Tear down the wall?

  1. I saw the Berlin wall before it was torn down; here was the burgeoning western city on one side and the drab, gray, rectangular cement buildings of the Eastern Bloc on the other. On the western side, the wall was filled with colorful grafity, people’s names, peace symbols, protests. If one looked above and beyond the top of the wall — which was massive, big enough to lay on top of comfortably — one saw guard towers, razor wire and crosses were people had died trying to escape to the west. A macabre joke of the locals was that people were trying to escape from western to eastern berlin. The stark division embodied by that wall was the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a pale . . .

    And for the destruction of THAT to be compared to pulling down a silly statue during a questionable war in front of three people is ludicrous at best.

    Sigh. Cynicism is a person’s best weapon nowadays!

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