Monthly Archives: April 2003

Syria, you’re next?

An article in The Star says Bush won’t let anyone have dictators, and he personally will rout them out.

It’s basically, “Syria, you’re next,” and I love the quote:

In meetings in Damascus with British and Saudi envoys, Syrian President Bashar Assad again denied all U.S. accusations.

“For the president of the United States to come on television and say that Syria must co-operate, my question is who, in the name of heaven, does he think he is?” asked Syrian political analyst Mohammed Aziz Shukri. “Is he the god of this Earth?”

Ahem. I believe that is indeed the question.

See the Pretty Sproutses

I’m glad I waited to put up photos of our sprouting seedlings. Three days later, they’re reaching for the sky! Only a few of the seeds haven’t burst forth from our hi-tech Seedling Growth Pods ™ (T.P. tubes to the uninitiated) .

Apologies for the blurry close-ups. It’s hard to see ‘em when the dirt pieces are bigger than they are. ;)

International Bill of Rights

Kirk Boyd, a human rights lawyer from the Bay Area, is going to present his life’s work, an International Bill of Rights, to the United Nations Human Rights Commission tomorrow. The project, associated with the University of California, aims to put together an International Court of Human Rights charged with protecting fundamental rights in all U.N. member nations.

The Gate has more details on Boyd and his dream. Please take some time to check out the project’s Web site and help out however you can. Specifically, the site has a complete copy of the Bill, with a forum for commenting on any or all Articles.