Monthly Archives: April 2003

SpaceShip One!

Scaled Composites revealed their passenger-carrying spaceship today. This is an actual, working vehicle they’re planning to use as part of a commercial space program. It would also get them the X Prize once flown. Wow!

For those who don’t know Scaled Composites, it’s an aerospace firm run by Burt Rutan. His plane Voyager was the first to fly around the world without landing or refueling. He’s known for working, low-cost aircraft designed with revolutionary techniques. Go Burt!

Segway in France

Not sure if it will happen, but it would be nice to see Segway kiosks the next time we go to Paris. I’d love to be able to rent a couple of Segways at the train station, strap our bags to them, and zip over to the hotel. Tooling around the museums and such would be easier, too, especially if it’s easy enough to lug one onto the Metro. The Segway site has video examples of the kiosks, too.