The Core sucks rocks

Q: What happens when you put Stanley Tucci, Alfre Woodard, and Hillary Swank in a really crappy 50s-esque sci-fi movie?

A: Roger Ebert has a field day with it. I’m guessing that the Ebert piece is more entertaining than the movie, but that’s just me. (Thanks, Deana.)

5 thoughts on “The Core sucks rocks

  1. This was probably the WORST movie I’ve seen in a while. Worse than Jurassic Park 3. Worse than Episode I & II. Worse than alot of bad films. It was SO predictable and didn’t make sense. The most confusing parts of the movie were stated without any explanation. For example: Where and how did this hermit guy make some kind of metal “Unobtainium”?? WHAT WAS THE GOVERNMENT PROJECT IN THE FIRST PLACE??? They never said anything about it. And the one that gets me the most: First of all, I doubt that all the ship’s systems taper down into two giant + and – wires, and moreover, just welding them onto the side of the ship would not work for SOOOO many reasons. If they’re gonna feed us this crap, at least they should TRY and explain why exactly Unobtainium turns heat into energy (electrical energy for that matter) There were just so many things wrong with this movie…I can’t even describe how disappointed I was after all the hype, but I guess they don’t need to make good movies, just good previews, cause by the time you know the movie sucks, you already paid.

  2. How about learning to spell before you criticize others? “Alot” is two words- a and lot. Your whole argument was pointless to me for this reason alone.

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