Monthly Archives: March 2003

U.S. attack endangers more than Saddam

My high school biology teacher had a saying, “When bull elephants fight, the grass always loses.” In this case, humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq (basic needs like water and food) is in a crisis, the U.S. government is doing little to help, and most countries are reluctant to assist because funds would go straight to the Pentagon.

Remember kids, we chose to inflict this harm. I didn’t, maybe you didn’t, but this country did, and now the world holds us responsible.

New life for Apple batteries

Chuck brought this Apple article to my attention. Basically, there’s a way to re-set the timer inside an iBook or TiBook’s battery so that it will more accurately display the time/power remaining. Apple recommends performing this procedure “every few months”, so I’m overdue on my TiBook and Karen’s iBook.

The Core sucks rocks

Q: What happens when you put Stanley Tucci, Alfre Woodard, and Hillary Swank in a really crappy 50s-esque sci-fi movie?

A: Roger Ebert has a field day with it. I’m guessing that the Ebert piece is more entertaining than the movie, but that’s just me. (Thanks, Deana.)