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Sometimes I love Britain

Okay, so a lot of the time I love Britain. It’s a me thing. But in this case, it’s specific. Agencies controlling food standards and safety have ordered baby milk (formula) manufacturers to stop putting claims like “next best thing to breast milk” on their packaging. They can’t say, “Helps support the immune system.” They can’t say, “helps growth and the immune system.” Even if these things are true they cannot print them on their packaging because it may be undermining the push toward greater numbers of breastfeeding moms. Yay!

because I know you want to go

…to Poseidon!

Interior of Poseidon roomExterior of Poseidon room
Yup. I’m torn between “err, it’s kind of resort-y” and “Oh my Gosh,
it’s keen! We each get personal submarines! We can feed fish at our
room window by pushing a button on our control console! Each suite is
independently able to be lifted to the surface in case of emergency!”
Everything is exclamationy.

Because you know you want to.


Look at me.  I’ve got that yellow tape across my chest from bursting through the finish line.  My story’s not quite done, but the NaNoWriMo folks don’t care:  I hit 50,000 words and they gave me this keen icon.  Wasn’t that nice?

Now, to finish the story and find a nice dark drawer to put it in for the next year, or maybe ten…

Karen Won NaNoWriMo!