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Sailing calm waters

Yes, among many other doings there comes an update to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Covers quilt! (Deana and Glen, there are more photos on my Flickr site.)

Following the little fishie path

The work on this quilt is done in fits and starts, but I think it is really striking when a new stage is finished. Yay! The fishie path is a difficult one, but to those who can keep the faith the reward is quite nice.

Textiles can do good, doing well

Just when you were beginning to think that it would never do anyone any good, voting with your dollar makes a difference. An effort by textile companies and the government of Lesotho has brought the textile industry back from near disaster to near fighting strength again, in large part thanks to the “government… working hard to become a destination of ethical choice”. Makes you renew your faith in checking labels.


From small things:

Out to Sea

Two small bits of stuff meet, greet, and make something bigger (perhaps better?) than their own small individual selves. Turn a corner, new perspective, trim off the unnecessary, take on new partners, become something larger or sleeker or more useful or stronger or more likely to survive. A 3″x3″ scrap of fabric may be destined for the scrap pile, a bird’s nest, or the trash, but a 3″x3″ piece may join others to become a 14″x24″ piece which joins others, and that is just too big to toss. And too pretty. (Who says beauty isn’t an evolutionary trait?) Warm is nice too…


So, the decisions have been made and Deana and Glen’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Covers quilt has been begun in earnest. It’s all been cut up into eensy weensy bits and I’m beginning to put them back together. See?

Slicing and sewing

Fabric was, in fact, harmed in the making of this photo. I admit it.

Don’t you like the way the strips curl up on themselves as they feed through? Like seaweed, curled and waving in the water as your submarine slowly drifts down past it. DIVE! DIVE!