More ideas than time. It’s a chronic condition for me, so I’ve created this little corner of the site to hold some of the more public ideas. They might still be crazy, we might still not be able to do anything about them, but at least they’re out there now.

  • WikiBub, a kind of DealyBub
  • LifeCam, another kind of DealyBub
  • Quetzal, a Carfree City
  • the Socratic Salon, a debate format for people who like arguing but hate debate formats
  • Trailer Day, a site which lets you know when new movies (or more importantly, their trailers) come out
  • Divestment Banking Clubs, a ludicrous idea about sharing things with people without trusting them.
  • the Global Spin Method, a collection of rules of thumb for business owners who want to be better citizens (or “do well by doing good”)
  • the neighborhood movie lounge, a “third place” to go and watch movies, sports, and television with friends
  • ASIF, an organization that promotes accurate science in fiction
  • the starship game, a mutant combination of strategy games and trivia games
  • the tall cottage, an architectural style for single-family homes
  • Fixers, a science-fiction television series
  • Haemapod, the unconference map

So far, the ideas are winning.

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