Monthly Archives: October 2005

stupidity != security

US GOVT: We’ve decided to “protect” you by giving you a little dealy that “broadcasts your personal and sensitive information”: What do you think? Great, huh?

US PEOPLE: Nooooo! That’s really stupid.

US GOVT: OK, maybe we won’t. Ask your opinion, that is.

US PEOPLE: Nooooo!

ORWELL: Oh, fer crissakes.

Iraq, revisited

Updates from my previous post, in case you’re still keeping score:

* Weapons of Mass Destruction found before invasion: 0
* Weapons of Mass Destruction declared by US before invasion: LOTS
* US Cost in dollars: 200,000,000,000
* US military deaths: 2,000
* Iraqi civilians killed: 26,690
* Weapons of Mass Destruction found after invasion: 0
* Iraqis who “strongly oppose” the continuing occupation: 82%
* Americans who think the U.S. should have stayed out of Iraq: 55%
* U.S. timeline to leave Iraq: NONE