Monthly Archives: December 2003

Go Space Brits!

Cross your fingers…. The Redcoats are about to land on the Red Planet. Check out the Beagle 2 website to keep track of how they do. ETA is Christmas Day, 2:54am GMT. Thanks again to Glen for the keen link – also if you haven’t already, check out the call sign the probe is scheduled to play. Pretty neat.

For the Celtic Robot in You

I came across this site accidentally, doing a search on futuristic designs from the 50s. What I found was a CafePress site run by a guy who does artwork in two categories: really pretty Celtic stuff and really neat-o “50s-vision-of-the-future” stuff. I thought it was a fascinating combination, one that really appealed to me, and I figured some of you might be intrigued as well…